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Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, We have booked voayeurs an isolated cottage in the Scottish countryside, the city has prepared for us and how to travel in the long driveway, we'll see how beautiful it is. A converted farmhouse for couples like us to escape and not be interrupted. We are moving our stuff in the car for our 2 - day stay (does not require a lot? ). We entered the house through the front door and now are in the beauty of the interior voayeurs living space with a fireplace, cozy and comfortable surprise. We take the bag to the master bedroom and you gasp as the huge canopy bed with lace lace ribbons tied around to see. We return to the living room and open a bottle of wine. Sitting by the fire, we always embrace relaxed after our drive away from Edinburgh. Implying that had all the way to the car he had voayeurs planned something special for me, when we arrived at our destination, but now they say to wait until later how he had changed sshortly after he had seen the poster ? My heart beat faster than mock me and say that I like very much further and it was something I had never done before. was too late and you said, it's bedtime, and my surprise, I sent the first shower. After a quick shower and dry voayeurs I rushed to the big bed waiting for you. She entered the room looked at me, smiled and said he was going to shower and be back soon. He opened the bag and we asked a couple of things in the bathroom, what they were, right? After 15 minutes or so he stuck his head through the bathroom door and called me in my eyes, I have to close. Pending felt coming into the room, as I lay naked on the bed, but I said, I closed my eyes. He came to me and took my hands and began to tie her to the bedpost, had taken from the bed curtains.. then my other hand and then the left foot voayeurs lastmy mind right foot, which now spread out, lying on the huge bed and asked if I could open my eyes ? voayeurs Yes, you said, and stopped at the bottom of the bedwow. When I opened my eyes, I saw you standing there with a black belt in see-through gown, beneath you in black sheer stockings with suspenders. I could not believe I had kept my eyes and my happiness, but how do you play ? I could see her beautiful tits and pussy voayeurs through the gown, but not touching. My penis was rock hard at shows of my head as he lay helpless in bed, tied to the posts.. I wanted to stop immediately, but has more plans than I had thought. You are standing in front of me Rub your hands up and down her body, rubbing her nipples through her ​​robe from home, up a bit and play with her pussy, I see the brightness and the juices are flowing. I want to touch you I want to lick them all, but making fun of me as I struggle against the bonds in my arms and legs. Finally, you comeand lie on the bed beside me, touched me very slowly, but always forgets to touch my cock throbbing and ramps, even if I ask them to. After voayeurs what seemed an eternity, he leans over and touches me with her breasts and erect nipples rub my way through voayeurs the gown, which drive me crazy with excitement. Now, sitting astride me and I feel her silk stocking on his chest, put the pussy on my face and let me suck her pussy like you did something to coat voayeurs my mouth and tongue have open access. I wanted to use my hands, but had to with my tongue, voayeurs what you like. I threw my tongue on the clitoris and moaned with pleasure, I stuck my tongue out as far as possible. All the time I felt her negligee and stockings against voayeurs my neck, chest and shoulders while my tongue faster and faster and deeper into her soaked pussy folded. When I thought I would come to no more and moved to the bottom of the bed again.. do not goNow I'd like to fuck here and now. He leaned forward and made me feel your breasts near my cocknow cup her breasts around my throbbing cock and rub up and down, down on the edge of cumming. I want to cum with you, I say wait and you say, because it is not complete. After a few minutes of masturbating my cock with her tits and nipples, you sit at the bottom of the bed. I can not do without effort and wonder what you are doing. Hope you have not gone? Then I have a feeling, somewhere between the legs sitting just inches from my cock, and then I hear you moan a little, as if a new comforter that I bought on the slide was wet pussy, wet. If within you, you turn on the vibrator and complained because the vibration of joy ran down her body to the side. it myself. I have not long to wait, as made ​​as close to my balls with her kitten. Now I could feel the vibrations of the end of the dildo and put it even more now, the vibrations at the base of my cock hard, then further on top. She then leaned forward and opened her beautiful breasts in my mouth while keeping the vibrator on my cock teasing. It voayeurs all started with a deep groan of pleasure in her pussy and suck me and panting in your breasts and nipples. They get faster and I can feel her pussy juices start to come out of my cock, now beginning to tremble as semen, feeling her pussy running along its body. As you shake your gown and socks rub my whole body. I run more than one minute continuously rub her pussy and even dildo deep inside you now against my cock frantically. He wanted to finish well, but I walked up again... I could not do anything, still tied. They now have sand and having a dildo in her hot pussy and I only make fun of me and ended ? But after a minute I was between my legs and I could feel my cock begin to understand, and then I felt her mouthRound and start to jerk voayeurs and suck at the same time.. My God, the pleasure was finally not touched in this world. I could feel about to cum and her pussy was so shit, I wanted to cum in you. As if my thoughts aspire to leave me and raise again.. this time, you can put my cock and slowly lower her pussy wet on my throbbing cock. The dissemination of his voayeurs coat let me see your beautiful pussy and socks. It moved lower on the tail to 8 inches deep inside, and now pumping my cock in full control at the start of clock still bedridden. My God, the pump as hard and I cum stop and keep only the tip of my cock in her wet pussy. God, I want to cum in you and do not voayeurs recognize any longeryou pump can keep me full and I can hear a groan you cum on my dick. Now begin to rock back and have his cock as deep as possible, rub the clitorisong my semen pubic bone, and how it makes my tail and releases the pleasure running through my body. Our mix of cum juice as both our juices spurt of semen itself after a few minutes keeps me in bed with her pussy grabbed me even now hard drop, soft train and solve my links, lay down beside me to cuddling on my chest and fell asleep. Maybe tomorrow I will attach to the bed and give me the pleasure of doing what she wants with her body, I asked her negligee and stockings again. until tomorrow, sleep well and dream of taking with me.
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